MACRO UX – WEEK 7 | Interaction design, interface design, prototyping and information architecture

TEAM: Tiffany Chau | Coco Li | Yu Qin | Daniela Navaes

Information Architecture

Most of the work this week went towards creating the interactive system in which the player will interact with. For the prototype, we created the information architecture for the closed system that will simulate a computer desktop with access to internet in which the player will be able to perform the tasks given.

For the purpose of prototyping and testing, as well as within the constraints of a week time, we designed a single webpage on Wix with the flow as depicted in the image above. In a real life ideal situation, this same system would be simulated in a fully developed mini-game software, perhaps with a less linear workflow to allow a more realistic virtual environment.

We will use the small room beside our studio to build the prototype and do the testings.


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