Final Major Project | 2 | Initial Design Explorations

Now, with some practical knowledge in hand, it was the time to start designing. My initial design research consisted in the following:

AEIOU Framework
To establish context (especially Users)

Brainstorm & Sketches
Using the knowledge acquired by the desk research and from speaking with specialists, it’s time to materialise ideas.

– What would this device look like?
– How could I wear it?
– What materials could I use?
– How could it function?

Studies of nutrient band, using microneedles as a transdermal delivery system

Storyboards with possible scenarios of use

Studies of nutrient gloves with different methods of using and reloading



What is already out there that kind of looks like what I’ve imagined, even if the function is not the same?

For the third stage of my project, I have ordered some of the objects of the moodboard above, and now I will start writing the objectives, context and scenarios of the user research.

The research will involve investigating perceptions about wearing a piece of garment for the purposes of receiving something inside the body. In order to be relatable, it will be framed into a specific context, which means that the central aspect to frame the research will be the narrative around it.






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