MICRO UX – WEEK 4 | Findings from physical model

TEAM: Daniela Navaes | Jing Zhao | Jordy Tam | Nathassha di Pasquale

Prototype testing

On the fourth week of the project we had participants playing the game to get feedback.

Data protection cards designed by participants

After the game was finished, we asked participants to design their own “data protection card”, to see what kind of behaviours they’d associate with data ownership and what kind of data they supposedly value the most. The above pictures are some of them.

The findings from the overall experience pretty much showed that when it comes to having their data shared between companies, people are conformed and feel powerless. That means that even though they said they would protect their data and even exchange it if they could, there is no urgent desire to stop this from happening. In fact, many told us that they are happy to exchange their data if they know they’d get something of value in return.

And again, just as the first experiment showed, the only kind of data that people really care about protecting is that related to memories, stories and relationships with other people.

Ideation process 

We then extracted the insights from the participants through transcripts of the game and form their designed data protection cards. We identified the main themes and keywords and used them as guides to our ideation process.

A new recycling system, a data vending machines, a system for cleaning the Pacific’s plastic island and a new dating app were some of the ideas brewed.

The final chosen concept is of the bubble diary app, which will be presented to Made by Many at the midpoint presentation next Monday.



Rehearsing the role play to present the concept 

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