Macro UX – Week 3 | User Research

TEAM: Tiffany Chau | Coco Li | Yu Qin | Daniela Navaes

After presenting the results of the first week, organised ourselves to proceed with user research. On Monday, we interviewed students of LCC under the topic of cyber security. We wanted to grasp what was their perception of the subject.

On Tuesday, however, we decided to take a step back and focus on the broader topic of communication and relationship with global issues. The communication gap between Chatham House and the new audiences they want to engage with is the main issue one the brief. We chose people from the age group of 18 to 25 and decided to run short interview in order to find out what is their involvement with global issues, what do they do to get informed by those issues (which platforms do they use) and what is it about this method that appeals to them. At first, we asked around people of LCC, but on Wednesday we divided ourselves to go to other London universities and ask young students from different corses. I went to the British Library, because I thought it would be a place where I’d find people from educated backgrounds with a stand about those issues. And I was right.

On Thursday we got together to analyse our findings and refine out research. That led to a new set of questions, through which we wanted to get a subjective perspective of people in regards to what are their concerns, how they see themselves in society and how they see the world in the future. Because these interviews were more in depth and subjective, we took a little more time taking them. We asked them to draw how do they see themselves in society, which led to very interesting results. Those results were triangulated with the interviews and with a practice review study of how other NGOs engage younger people into speech and action in regards to local and global issues.




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