COLLAB. PROJECT – WEEK 2 | Visit to Chelsea Physic Garden

External Partner: Chelsea Physic Garden | Project Partner: Lara Biagini

It was a sunny Friday afternoon when we went to visit Chelsea Physic Garden.

First we were free to take a stroll and look around, and then had a guided tour to their indoor and outdoor collections.

The indoor collection consist of catalogued artwork of many plant species, as well as books, some of which are dated to the 1400s and impressively well conserved.

The outdoor collection, as one can imagine, is plants, from simple tubercles to highly sough after medicinal plants and herbs. Even though it is currently winter and many of the plants are in hibernation mode (with the exception of the ones in the greenhouses, of course), the variety is impressive.


We will work on this project in duos, so my partner Lara and I got a special interest in an area of the garden that was not explored on the guided tour: the “Cool Furnary”. In there, they raise plants that are closely related to the first plants that existed on Earth, and correlate the upbringing of these plants to evolution of life. We found that content to be very interesting, poetic and under explored, so we decided we would base our work on it.

Bellow there is a video of their own simulation of what is imagined to be the “primordial soup”, the conditions that allowed unicellular individuals to evolve to multicellular and so on, along with a timeline of the evolution of life.




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