Collab. Project – Week 1

On Friday 8th of February we started a collaborative project with another external partner – Chelsea Physic Garden. For this we’ll be divided in pairs.

In the morning we did three group exercises and an individual one.


First, we were asked to list the pros and cons of collaborating.


Then, individually, we thought about what do we as individuals bring to a collaboration and what do we wish to get from it.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 11.40.32

The third exercise was in groups to come up with a manifesto for Collaboration.

After that, still in groups, we went to the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre to look at it as if it was a museum collection and do the following: record how we access and interact with the archive and make a two minute presentation highlighting cognitive, spatial, technical  and physical assets.

Due to previous problems in another projects with security staff, my group decided not to use cell phones to record or even take notes. Instead, we just took a walk together in the premises, discussing our perceptions. The first overall impression is that there is a clear contrast between the lively personality of the shops, full of colour and personality, and the dead blandness of the chain shops like Tesco and Iceland. It feels disconnected, but at the same time symbiotic, much like a sunken ship taken over by corals and different populations of fish. The way of interacting with the archive is through looking, touching and trying on. Speaking is only required if it’s a private shop. To incorporate any item into your personal archive, you only need money – and on a lot of the private shops, only cash is accepted.

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