COLLAB. PROJECT – WEEK 3 | Physical Model, evaluation of design research Methods & reflection upon collaboration

External Partner: Chelsea Physic Garden | Project Partner: Lara Biagini
physical model

To show our classmates about the area we were most interested about in Chelsea Physic Garden we made a physical model to be represented.

Since the concept of the room is evolution, we used that same theme to brainstorm how could we relate it with the brief, which asks us to design a new way for a new audience to access the living archive of medicinal plants at the garden.


Two concepts – we chose the second one

The cool furnary of CPG brings the topic of evolution of life on Earth and the fundamental role of simple species of plants for the development of more complex life forms. We will design an installation that allows us to see the evolution of science and medicine in human life, and what could be in for the future. Will climate change endanger the plant species that enable us to continue our progress?

To get there our design research methods used were sensory experience of the room – and further reflection on its sensory aspects -, physical model making and literature review – on the relationship between climate change and the growth of diseases. While the model allowed us to demonstrate sensory aspects of the room, the literature review was fundamental to strengthen our point across and make the connection between both topics.

At the end of the day, were asked to reflect upon the whole process of collaboration so far. The first diagram represents the collaboration between me and Lara, while the second one is a representation of all the configurations of the students since day one.

The most important point about collaboration in my understanding is that it is a state of mind rather than a set of actions. It involves a genuine interest in what others have to say, the ability to make constructive criticism and the willingness to relinquish egoistical tendencies in favor of own ideas.

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