TEAM: Tiffany Chau | Coco Li | Yu Qin | Daniela Navaes

On Monday we presented our physical model of the concept we chose to explore. It involved an audio presentation simulating a day in the life of Tiffany, one of our team mates, in conjunction with a live performance of showing how data transmission goes along throughout the day. Each coloured string represents one tracking agent [ WiFi, GPS, Physical Registration at an Institution ] that logs the user’s location and their activity. When opened, the box illustrates the way our invisible data is constantly being tracked and stored somewhere we have no idea of. The final piece of the presentation is the unexpected display of images recorded by the camera, located at the bottom of the box, without anyone’s consent.

As for the rest of the week, we started preparing for the next week presentation of the model and our journey so far to the partner, Applied Works. Also, we started to narrow down our findings towards defining our next steps.




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