Macro UX – Week 2 | A work-in-progress definition of Macro UX

macro diagram

In my understanding, to look at something at a macro level means to find a pattern that connects the little things into the big picture. In the case of my specific brief, the major question is how can we communicate the purpose of Chatham House to younger audiences? That is the macro question that defines the main design problem.
Chatham House’s purpose will be communicated via one specific global issue chosen by each group. But there is a main macro purpose for Chatham House to care about all those issues. So first of all, what is that purpose? What is Chatham House’s reason to exist? Then, we’ll figure out how to communicate that via a specific issue.
Second of all, we need to ask ourselves two questions: why does Chatham House current communication style doesn’t reach their desired audience, and what can we do to change that? And then a third question comes to the picture: how do we engage into comunication effectively with younger people? Remember to think about younger people as a group, at a human level, not as individuals, because that would be micro.

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