MACRO UX – Week 6 | Experience Map, User Journey & Presenting to the partner

TEAM: Tiffany Chau | Coco Li | Yu Qin | Daniela Navaes

On this week, we sat down to analyse our findings and the feedback from our presentation to start working on a direction for a design.

The brief states that we need to engage in conversation with a new audience (in our case, 18 to 25 year olds) about a global issue.

On the light of that, our main goal is to bring to the realm of the visible and relevant the two elements that are currently invisible to this audience: cybersecurity and Chatham House.

The presentation of our model evoked exactly the reactions that we were expecting. After experiencing it, even as a passive audience, people’s feedback was that they felt suddenly very conscious of how much data they are giving away with our being aware, and sometimes without even consenting. So in a way, with our physical model we achieved our goal of bringing awareness to the issue by making it personable, bringing it to their personal space.

Based on that, for our final design we decided to bring the experience of the model to the physical world. But how can we do that?

At first we thought of a short interactive exhibition in partnership with one of London’s museums. Then, after a lot of experimenting and discussing, we came to a partially shaped idea of an escape room, or a physical game, instead of an exhibition, but still as a partnership with a museum. The keywords for the design are “disruptive” – the nature of the experience – and “empowering” – the moment when Chatham House enters. By associating Chatham House with a highly memorable experience, we raise the public interest in them. So now we had to do the experience map and user journey of this experience. I did the basic sketches for both, and then developed the user journey by myself, while the rest of the team worked on crafting the experience map.

Sketches for the design idea

Sketches for the experience map and user journey

On Thursday, we presented our model to Applied Works and they gave valuable feedback on it.


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