Macro UX – Week 2

TEAM: Tiffany Chau | Coco Li | Yu Qin | Daniela Navaes

This week started with a presentation of representatives of each of the companies we’ll be working with.

In the afternoon, we did some brainstorming collectively within the groups. In class there are averagely three groups that will be working with each company, so we did this exercise collectively, to come up with general ideas.

On the next day, in the morning, we had a tutorial with Alistair about macro UX. In our groups, we discussed what could be the meaning of macro ux in the context of our briefs, and then individually.

Individual thoughts on Macro UX

Regarding the Macro UX project, my group’s brief was brought by Applied Works, a design studio who works with Chatham House, a British yet worldwide known think-tank. The brief mainly is about designing for Chatham House a multiplatform experience that engages younger audiences into a global issue of our choice.

So as a first step, on my micro group, we decided to dive deep into getting to know the “client” Chatham House. We divided ourselves to do individual research on specific questions about them.

Mine was about getting into their social media and uncover their personality. I was in charge of digging into Chatham House’s social media presence and uncover what is their voice like when communicating with the public. As this brief is essentially about a communication issue, knowing the client’s current communication style is one of the core pillars of it.

For that I’ve looked into their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles and posts in the last three months, as well as analysed their website.

On Friday, we’ve got together in order to prepare the presentation of our findings on Monday morning.


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