Presenting the concept to Made by Many

On the seventh week of the project we realised we skipped a step that should’ve been done during the initial phase of the prototyping, which was testing the concept in a real life scenario.

So in order to simulate the core functions of the app, we selected two pairs of people amongst our acquaintances that we considered having similar traits: two women and two men. We decided to match same gender people for purposes of allowing them to feel more comfortable.

We then instructed them to do three activities with different levels of personal exposure to be exchanged. The first activity was a voice recording with a relatively impersonal theme, the second was a short video with a slightly more personal theme, and the third, a longer selfie video with a very personal theme.

After each exchange, we’d interview them about their thoughts and feelings about the other person, and asked them to rate the level of closeness they felt towards them after being their stories.


The scale of closeness 

The testing went well for the female pair. One of the participants from the male pair has stopped replying, so it didn’t go forward.

So we will be using footage from the two successful participants to make a concept video for the final presentation.


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