TEAM: Daniela Navaes | Jing Zhao | Jordy Tam | Nathassha di Pasquale

During our final week of the project we focused on the fine details of the presentation. Our goal was to be highly conceptual and experimental, keeping it short and to the point.

The brief was: To design a product of service that establishes a system of value without relying on financial transactions

Our answer to the brief was: An app that matches people and connects them through the exchange of personal stories, creating a combined narrative that leads to a connection in the real world.

We’ve made two videos, one to be played first and work as a teaser to the second one, the concept video.

After testing successfully the concept with one of the pairs actually meeting, we felt that we needed to tell the story in a human and emotional way, so the concept could come across as clearly as possible. So rather than focusing on only showing a functioning prototype – which we also did -, telling the story through a narrative of two people going through the process felt more powerful.




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